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About Us

Hello! We, Toggle Coffee, are the first aviation coffee shop in St. Petersburg. "Toggle" is the switch on the instrument panel in a plane. The meaning is quite simple - only three steps: turn on, launch and fly.

Toggle coffee was founded by Vlad Takhtarov in the past decade. In fact, November 19, 2019. It was created to help the private aviation and skydiving in Russia. Every month on Instagram we hold a contest, the winner of which receives a free flight on a plane.

We, like any other coffee shop, have our own logo: it shows the Yak-18T, or on slang - teshka.

And we sell not only coffee and tea with ginger, but also souvenirs and “removies”. These are dense red ribbons with the words "Remove Before Flight". They usually mark plugs and covers - they need to be removed before the flight. Subsequently, the subject of security turned into a cool accessory for a backpack or keys.

Come to Toggle Coffee for a drink, souvenir and atmosphere!